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The unique Trunki suitcase makes traveling with children a lot relaxer. It is the only suitcase that children can also drive around or can be. Drawn for No more sore feet, your child can sit on it while waiting ones a little drive around and get bored. Trunki can be used all year round: visiting friends, going to stay with grandparents, a weekend away with the family or a long summer vacation. The Trunki concept encourages children to participate in the trip happen actively. They like to leave stuff on the go. Their own full Trunki The accessories make their Trunki Trunki suitcase even more complete!

Special Features:

  1. Carry Handel : quick to grap for a departure gate dash.
  2. Horn grips: take control, grab the horns and steer your Trunki.
  3. Secure catches: keep favourit possessions safe inside for the ride.
  4. Stabilisers: prevent over-excited tots from toppling off.
  5. Comfortable saddle: rest tired legs in queues and you'll never hear "my feet hurt
  6. Teddybear seatbelts.
  7. Internal pouch.
  8. Soft rubber rim: to prevent trapped fingers
  9. You can use the multi-purpose strap to pull the Trunki alon or you can use it as a shoulder strap to carry the Trunki. The key to the locks is fixed to the strap, so it never gets lost.
  10. Trunki passport


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