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Terms of delivery

Terms of Delivery

These terms are established, with the aim to proceed. Jemeri4Kids and delivery for the customer optimum. If you have any questions about these shipping terms, please feel free to contact us.

1. An agreed time within which the contract is to be performed, is not a deadline, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

2. When performing a failure of the agreement schould therfore writing to the other party Jemeri4kids of default.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery period begins to run from the latest of the following dates after:
- The date of conclusion of the agreement
- The date on which all property for the execution of the agreement necessary data in Jemeri4Kids and on all technical details after confirmation agreement has been obtained
- The date Jemeri4Kids receive a payement if at least one payment in the agreement before the start of the manufacturing is stipulated.

4. The delivery is determined by the condition that the circumstances under which the agreement would be implemented by Jemeri4Kids same as at the time of conclusion of the agreement, and that the necessary materials are supplied. Jemeri4Kids to timely if the delay is caused by circumstances referred to be changed or the necessary materials, although timely ordered are not delivered to the delivery time Jemeri4Kids tacitly extended for the duration of this delay.

5. The delivery is also extended by the time during which the other party any amount owed to Jemeri4Kids, after it has become due an payable has left unpaid.

6. Jemeri4Kids is entitled to do take place, including the payment terms set out below in force for each partial delivery supply in parts.

7. The time of delivery is the moment when the affairs of the factory or warehouse (this at the discretion of Jemeri4Kids), it applies or if shipping by causes beyond Jemeri4Kids debt is nog possible, or the moment when the goods are ready for dispatch.

8. If the other party after the expiry of the delivery refuses tot accpet the goods ordered off these things are stored at his disposal for his account and risk. All costs arising from refusal of ordered goods shall be borne by the other party.