Operation webshop
If you order the first time in our store, you will be asked to fill in your information. This is done to create a real account. These details are only visible by you and us and possibly adapt. Because of this you do not need every time you place an order on our site to enter your information. Here are some other clear manner in your current order (s) and order history. You also have access to a private address book where you can specify. Five different delivery addresses

Forgot Password
In the login screen you will find a link “password” If you use this, you will be sent an automatically generated password. You can do this after you login again may change again.

Change Password
If you wish, you can customize the generated password to a logical site for you password, this proceed as follows: after you click on “your My Account” in the top navigation bar. This will get your account Identifiable Information on your screen and you entered your new password below.

The basket actually works exactly like the cart in the supermarket. You can always remove products you added back or change the number. Do this, click on “cart contents top of your screen. Highlight to the article you will see a list of all products in your basket and the ability to unmount it and change. When everything is satisfactory / or the number of click confirm, you can continue shopping or you can checkout the contents of your basket below.

You do not necessarily have to log in first to post. Products in your basket Login you nmelijk do only when you checkout your products.

You can store up to 5 different addresses in addition to your own address. Choose this option to place different addresses yourself in the system or you use this option when you want to let someone send a gift. Your address book can be found under your account Identifiable Information through the links “customer data”. These addresses can be changed or deleted at any time.

Order Details
Online you have the opportunity to ask about your orders all necessary information. To do this, of course logged. To view this, go to “your My Account” below and click on order history. All orders that you have done up to that point with us you are then shown. Behind each order line shows the current status